Tilla Theiss | Mission
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The direction I am heading to

“I am an idealist and I wear it with pride!”

(The picture was taken during my road trip through Albania in October 2015)

Looking back at the development of my professional becoming until today, I can say that there are three major aspects that have been shaping it consistently:

The first one is my strength to reduce complex messages into a simple comprehensive visual form. More than just creating something which is aesthetically pleasing, my aim is to help the intended message to come across, with all its hidden subliminal notations and the mood of its context. It is in fact a technical skill that can be easily verified: If the adressed audience does not understand it, it is not well executed.

The second aspect is my personal aim to participate in a positive development of the future. I am extremely passionate about dedicating my professional career to the wellbeing of this planet and to human society. For one thing, this is my way of being grateful for the gift of life and to make the best of it. Second, it turned out to be a neverending source of happiness in my life, to work along my guidelines of morals and ethics and to stay true to what I believe. It makes me like what I see in the mirror and gives me a good night sleep every night. I am an idealist and I wear it with pride!

The third aspect is my passion for communication. I strongly believe the biggest shortcoming of the human race is the lack of good communication, which to me is the honest and authentic exchange of information with people facing each other as equals without a predetermined result. In my life, I have lived in many different places and I have also been travelling a lot, which made me love to cultivate a good communication with the people I come across.

These three shaped my direction in my professional career. I want to help people with strong ideas to communicate them visually to their audience. I want to share what I learned and exchange ideas with other people to make this world a better place for everybody. I am a dreamer, an idealist, a visual communicator, an idea-shaper, a teacher, a listener, and my life is exact as worthy as anybody elses.