Tilla Theiss | About Me
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Tilla Theiss


Born in Seeheim-Jugenheim, Germany


High School Graduation (Abitur) at the Justus Liebig School Darmstadt


Master of Arts at the School of Art and Design Kassel

Title “Sustainable Design – The Design of the Future”

Passed with Distinction

since 2010


I am a designer at heart and I assume I always have been. Thanks to my parents, I knew about the profession of design at a quiet young age and proceeded in this direction since I was 12, doing graphics at the computer and designing fonts in my school books. Doing group work in school, my group did not always have the best content to present but it always had the nicest poster to look at. My working sheets always looked like they were printed and the worst thing a teacher could do is add another information on the panel board which “ruined” my aethetics.

Starting university, I dreamed about a career in the cultural sector, creating printing campaigns for social or political movements to fulfill my urge to use my profession for something meaningful. Then, in 2009, I went to Finnland to study for a semester and learned about sustainability which lead me on the path I still find myself today.

I am passionate about travelling and connecting with different kinds of people. Until now, I have stepped on the ground of 33 countries and I am not getting tired of making plans to extend this list. Travelling on my own taught me to hear my inner voice and to be brave enough to follow it. And it taught me that integrity, hospitality and true authentic kindness are not linked to financial income, social class, skin color, gender, religion or cultural background.

My favorite compliments I ever got was that I was truly authentic, had a smart sense of humor and belonged to the kind of women who get more and more beautiful the older they get.

I like dancing, movies and soundtrack music. I also like long walks in nature and became passionate about diving. I like the sound of drums  and I like to be taught how things work by my nephews. In my dreams I usually take long walks with my ancestors, waltz with a grizzly bear to circus music or find myself back in High School having forgotten my homework in german class and suddenly discovering I am not wearing pants.